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Pay Per Lead and TV Advertising Agency

Lead Generation Lab is Australia’s leading pay per performance ad agency. We believe you should judge an advertising agency on the number of leads it generates for your business, not on the number of awards on its wall.

We’re not a traditional TV ad agency, Sydney already has too many of those. We don’t make expensive ads with fuzzy messages; we make compelling, offer-driven ads that generate direct response from customers.

We’ve produced hundreds of successful direct response campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in sales.

Lead Generation Lab has changed the advertising game by offering true accountability. If our campaigns don’t deliver you leads, you don’t pay. We have pay per lead TV, pay per lead radio and pay per lead digital models for all levels of budget.

We use the pay per lead models in concert with brand building strategies to create short and long term growth in sales for our clients.
From in-depth research to strategy, from design development to brand standards, and from launch to governance, LGL works with you to build the image your consumers will respond too.

Lead Generation Lab is an expert branding agency; logos, brand guidelines, brand architecture, websites, video, television commercials, trends in social networks, mobile devices and apps. And we understand that your identity is your primary marketing tool.

The data showed that creativity has strong effects on brands, making them more salient and widely talked about. This in turn reduces their price sensitivity: people are prepared to pay more for brands that everyone is talking about. And, not surprisingly, this makes those brands more profitable – in time. And here’s the stumbling block: these benefits of creativity take time to develop. Price elasticity in particular is a long-term effect, really only becoming apparent after around six months.

There is no immediate effect on sales.

In the direct response world, we produce marketing strategies with one goal: persuade someone to take a specific action that leads to a sale.
Pay per performance is the future of advertising, and The Lead Generation Lab is at the cutting edge.
We deliver results-driven advertising for the marketing needs of today.

Lead Generation Lab is an advertising agency sydney based, but we work with businesses across Australia. Call us free now on 1800 LEAD LAB or fill in the inquiry form for a call back.